Episode 035: The F.I.R.E. This Time



The F.I.R.E. This Time

On this episode, I am joined by Kiersten & Julien Saunders of rich & REGULAR (@richandREGULAR), the financial power couple featured on CBS This Morning, the NY Times, and Essence Magazine to talk about F.I.R.E., the aggressive financial lifestyle many are turning to so that they can retire early and live their best lives. We discuss the basics of F.I.R.E., the Black community’s relationship with money & finances, some of the things they do to save (they paid off $200K of debt in 5 years, you might want to listen), and whether or not everyone needs a side hustle. Listen and give us your opinion!

Guests: Kiersten & Julien Saunders of rich & REGULAR (instagram.com/richandREGULAR)

Website: richandREGULAR.com

Resources/People/Articles/Things Mentioned in Podcast:

The Shop on HBO

When They See Us on Netflix

Black Mirror: Season 5 on Netflix

The Black Godfather on Netflix

3% on Netflix

@GAScreenings on Twitter


Playing With F.I.R.E. documentary

Financial Freedom, a book by Grant Sabatier

Work Optional, a book by Tanja Hester

The Wealth Choice, a book by Dennis Kimbro

Apps and Recommendations by Kiersten & Julien – https://richandregular.com/recommendations/apps/

Passive Real Estate Investing – https://richandregular.com/real-estate-investing/

Check out Kiersten & Julien’s website where they cover their ongoing experience with FIRE at richandREGULAR.com.

You can also pick up a copy of a Kiersten & Julien’s ebook on their site when it drops.

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