Black Podcasts To Check Out in 2019

By September 30, 2018LIFESTYLE

There are some incredibly dope voices coming from the Black community and creating podcasts worth digging into.  Podcasts are growing in popularity and in diversity everyday, but it’s hard to discover new shows that are unique, interesting, and offer a fresh take on the world.

Here are some of the shows you may not have come across yet, but you’ll be glad you did. These brilliant Black voices have found their niches (mental health, pop culture, self-help, travel, and career) and created content worth your listen (and subscription)!


UNGENTRIFIED takes a pure, unfiltered view on pop culture, music, tv & film, politics, current events, and topics central to the worldwide Black community. A safe audio space for celebrating Black culture in its purest form and discussing things created by or impacting the diaspora. Hosted by Kent Johnson, past episodes have covered topics such as being a Black expat, the proverbial “cookout,” sexuality within the Black community, and the history of the greatest movie ever, Boomerang.

Check out UNGENTRIFIED on Apple Podcasts or via your favorite podcast platform.

Let’s Talk Bruh

Centered on discussions around Black masculinity, hosts Jeremy & Kyr tackle topics such as Black male privilege, toxic masculinity, and mental health for Black men.  A rarity in the podcast space, these two are unafraid to be open, vulnerable and frank on their experiences and journeys as millennial Black men.

Check out Let’s Talk Bruh on Apple Podcasts or via your favorite podcast platform.

We’re Just Trying to Grow by Estrohaze

Founded by three cannabis enthusiasts, Sirita Wright, Kali Wilder, and Safon Floyd, EstroHaze looks to destigmatize the stifling image that has, in past, been associated with female consumers and minority communities that enjoy the many benefits of this plant. The “We’re Just Trying to Grow” podcast provides edutainment featuring the NEW face of cannabis: ambitious, free, and focused!

Check out We’re Just Trying to Grow on Apple Podcasts or via Soundcloud.

Super Duty Tough Work

Created by underground hip-hop artist Blueprint, Super Duty Tough Work is grounded in hip-hop culture, but incorporate topics related to personal development, life-hacks and humor. The results are comical, educational, and inspiring.

Check out Super Duty Tough Work on Apple Podcasts or via Soundcloud.

You Had Me At Black

Created by Martina Abrahams Ilunga, You Had Me at Black is where Black Millennials tell the stories you won’t see on TV. In the form of storytelling, You Had Me At Black has started a movement to reclaim the Black narrative by passing regular people the mic to share their true-life stories.

Check out You Had Me at Black on Apple Podcasts or via your favorite podcast platform.

Soul Society 101 Podcast

The Soul Society 101 Podcast is centered around travel, food & culture from the lens of young black professionals and creatives! Each episode, host Rondel Holder invites a special guest to share inspirational stories, dive into black pop culture, drop travel gems, talk smack and crack jokes.

Check out Soul Society 101 Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud.

Food Heaven Podcast

Hosted by registered dietitians and BFFs, Wendy & Jess, the Food Heaven podcast is where they talk all things food, health, and nutrition. In each episode, they cover tips and tricks for making lifelong sustainable healthy living change to upgrade your diet and health and interview leading experts in the field of nutrition to pick their brains on how you can cultivate a healthy life that you love.

Check out the Food Heaven podcast on Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud.

While Black

A seriously opinionated podcast bringing you the real and the sometimes raw on anything happening …while black.  While Black seeks to create awareness and provide real solutions to surviving in this world by sharing the stories and experiences of those in the Black community that may not have otherwise been heard.  Past topics include surviving prison, code-switching, and discrimination in real estate.

Check out While Black on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast platform.

Black On Black Cinema

Black on Black Cinema is a weekly podcast where 3 guys discuss the ins and outs of Black films. With a touch of humor and a drive for relevant discussion, Black on Black Cinema will entertain, as well as, inform. Hosted by Jay, Micah, and Terrence.

Check out Black on Black Cinema on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast platform.

Be sure to check out and subscribe to all of these great shows!